Copper theft is a rampant and lucrative practice. @QuigleyAC can help!

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RoofTop Cages

Copper theft is a rampant and lucrative practice.  Commercial properties are victim to this more often than residential sites because commercial properties are cooled and heated by package units that have more copper inside them than a condenser would outside of a residential property.  As a deterrent, Quigley Heating and Air offers specially made “unit cages” to surround a package unit.  These cages supply protection and heavily deter criminals from attempting to steal the copper from these units, therefore, saving our customers money and the inconvenience of having a unit damaged due to copper theft.  Below are pictures of a “unit cage” we installed recently that show the protection offered by these cages.  Quigley Heating & Air cares about protecting your units just as much as you do.  Think about protecting your units and don’t fall victim to copper theft…let us help!

 Cage Pics 1  Cage Pics 3  Cage Pics 2

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