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Quigley Heating & Air was founded by Sheldon F. Quigley upon his return from military service in World War II. He hung his shingle in 1945 and steadily grew the business over the next 30 years. His son Troy S. Quigley took his father’s place in 1977 after Sheldon passed. Troy continued with the tradition of consistent growth with a customer centric focus. During Troy S. Quigley’s tenure, he spent a great deal of time developing and refining Quigley’s planned maintenance program to offer greater value to Quigley’s clients by creating longer equipment lifecycles and fewer breakdowns.

In 1998 Troy Sheldon Quigley’s grandson, Brandon Quigley, joined the business on a full time basis. He served in various roles until his father passed in 2008 at which time he took over as operations manager. Brandon still serves the company in that role today. He stays true to the values of past generations: A client based focus with steady growth.

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