Whether you are a tenant needing a maintenance agreement, an owner operator needing a repair, a GC performing a finish out or remodel, or just need that 30 year old roof top unit replaced, we got you covered.  You can schedule your service or get your questions answered, by calling and speaking to one of our friendly staff or completing our online form.  When you schedule commercial service:

Your technician will review his findings with you and will discuss all recommendations and repair options with you along with pricing before proceeding.  No repairs will be made without written approval.

  • We will call, email, or text you 24 hours prior to confirm your appointment.
  • On the day of, we will call you 30 minutes prior to the arrival of your technician.
  • Our technician will be dressed neatly in uniform with a Quigley AC logo and official ID badge. They will also be driving a company vehicle with our logo as well.
  • During your service visit, our technicians are trained to take care of your property. They will wear shoe covers, place drop clothes where necessary and will safely dispose of all old/broken parts and Freon in an environmentally friendly way.

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Welcome to Quigley Commercial HVAC

Our commercial department offers a full scope of HVAC services.  Whether your area owner operator, property manager, a tenant needing a maintenance agreement, we got you covered.  With 70 years in the business we have learned a thing or two about taking care of some of your most valuable assets.  Below is a list of services we offer on equipment up to 30 Tons.

  • Maintenance and repair of Roof Top Units, and Split System up to 30 tons
  • Equipment Replacement of Roof Top Units and split systems up to 30 tons.
  • Maintenance, Repair, and replacement of warehouse HVAC heaters and AC equipment
  • Filter change service
  • Equipment Cleaning Services
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Second Opinions
  • Emergency Service
  • Air Balancing

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

A strong preventative maintenance program is essential for keeping your HVAC equipment in top operating condition.  A well-executed HVAC preventative maintenance program can provide tremendous savings in capital expenditure costs, repair costs and energy costs, as well as reducing downtime. 

Clients with a Quigley Heating & Air  Maintenance Plan have the additional benefit of priority response and preferred rates for HVAC service 24/7, 365 days a year. Contact our commercial HVAC maintenance specialist today to schedule your inspection and maintenance plan with us.

Commercial HVAC Replacement

Let’s face it, as business folks, none of us like to spend money on replacing our HVAC equipment.  And while we hope you are using us to maintain your equipment to maximize its lifespan, we know at some point it is just time to replace it.  When this time comes, our team will perform the necessary diligence to ensure the installation moves forward as seamlessly as possible.  We have the resources to facilitate change outs quickly.